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I’m currently reading this book called The Nordic Theory of Everything. I’m only about a chapter in, but it’s interesting to hear how a Finnish transplant to NYC views the differences between American and Nordic culture. I haven’t gotten yet to the chapter on schooling, but I’m keen to see how their philosophy may or may not differ from that of North American schools.

When it comes to education systems, we often hear people compare Canadian and American schools with those in Scandinavia or in Singapore and Asia. You hear some lamenting the downfalls of our school systems, while others are praising the innovation that they see. You may have heard of this amazing kindergarten in Japan, which I might add, led me down a rabbit hole of looking at how Japanese schools are designed. Or perhaps, like me, you are curious about Singapore Math. Something closer to home that I recently learned about was The Apollo School – an interdisciplinary program happening at Central York High School.

When it comes to best practice and improving our pedagogy, we often don’t take time to look at what research is telling us, or to consider other ways of teaching. However, I think opening our eyes to what education looks like around the world may be a healthy and necessary task.