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Participating in tonight’s #ONedmentors chat was an amazing reminder of the power of catalysts and what bringing people together can do. Once again, I was inspired by my fellow educators, and it got me thinking about the dreams I have for my class for the rest of the year.

My ultimate dream is to have my students fully engaged in integrated, cross-curricular projects that are meaningful to them and that lead to the development of real-world skills. I am fortunate to be teaching in a program that encourages (and almost expects) integration, and with students who are keen to stretch creatively. That being said, I have always struggled with the balance between rigour and relationship in teaching, and I will be the first to admit that that has sometimes led to me not being as sensitive to student voice as I should be.

Finding out about Shauna Pollock’s book Creating Classroom Magic and hearing her ideas about bringing the ideas of prototyping and “Imagineering” into the classroom have served as a catalyst for me. They’ve motivated me to think deeply about what student learning might look like, and to engage my students in the very exciting process of prototyping the classroom of tomorrow.