If you let it, teaching-related thoughts and activities can take up every minute of every day. Having just come through our reporting season, the honest truth is that work has consumed much more of my time over the last few weeks than I’ve wanted it to.

But as I’ve learned, “All work and no play makes Cat a dull girl.” (Please excuse the Shining reference, which probably seems terribly out of place here.)

One of the things that makes people – and by extension, us as teachers – multi-dimensional is their interests. As much as I enjoy talking about learning and teaching with fellow colleagues, what I love more is finding out what they do outside of work, what passions they have, and what other areas of expertise they bring to the table. I’d argue that my students feel the same way about me.

And so, despite having a new unit to plan and some marking to catch up on, I’m going to make time on this long weekend to play. Thinking I’ll start with some zip lining at Winterlude.