Chasing Squirrels with Chris J. Cluff

Changes in education happen frequently. Listen as educator Chris Cluff explores the challenges a change in education and dives deep into the tools and rules educators use to thrive.

Listen to Chris Cluff, his kids Maddie and Jake, and other Guests

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EDyoga – next gen [collision 2]

My learning spaces need [re]consideration. In a previous life I would have sat through a two hour PD session, then probably bemoaned my aching back afterward. I also probably would have, in some way, evaluated the quality of the PD by how my head and body felt...

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EDyoga – next gen [collision 1]

I am still in a silo.  AND the digital reach that I have pursued has not yet broken me out of it. I am reminded of this daily, I guess in a good way, with every PD session I attend outside of my school board and with every podcast and with every virtual high five I...

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EDyoga – next gen [an admission]

I feel like a whole lot of random is shaking out of this 'end of year' moment. Things that I thought I would keep doing  I am suddenly less than happy to continue and other odd pieces are rising back up into my view. [check out my flipgrid questions] All in all, it...

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EDyoga – next gen [provocation]

One time, in the middle of an ed -tech camp, I heard a colleague mention that 18th and 19th-century learners probably thought their skills were modern as well. The presenter had just huffed through a detailed pitch for a new app that could potentially revolutionize...

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