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Derek Rhodenizer

Derek Rhodenizer

voicEd Blogger, voicEd Broadcaster

Rhodenizer’s Eduthoughts with Derek Rhodenizer

Ontario educator Derek Rhodenizer brings a philosophical lens to his practice and that of his guests.

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Your voice matters.

Dear ontario educators, Your voice matters. The Ministry of Education here in Ontario is looking to examine assessment, reporting and curriculum.  At this point public consultation has begun. In conjunction with the consultation team Voiced Radio is going to serve as...

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A Word in Progress: Technology—Breaking Down is Hard to Do!

It's Sunday afternoon and Derek Rhodenizer, host of A Word in Progress, is likely getting ready for this evening's show. It's one of my favourite times of the week—a chance to dig a little deeper and thinking a little more critically into the language that we use in...

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A Word in Progress: Teach Like Gord

On Wednesday morning, the country woke to the news that Gord Downie had passed and the ensuing outpouring has been nothing short of phenomenal. There have been stories told, songs sung and moments remembered. Even those of us who would claim only a tangential...

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Beyond the staff Room – a rebrand (let’s keep talking)

I have rebranded. If you have been listening to my podcast over the last year, you have known it as "Eduthoughts."  this is a word I made up, and it was ok, but i was never in love with it.  i simply didn't have an idea i thought I could replace it with.   over some...

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