Ok, so this is the part that really excites us!

voicEd Radio has been set up to allow anyone who wants to design their own show, broadcast a live event or collaborate on a radio project with someone else to do so—very easily.

Perhaps your class is doing some presentation work and you want to broadcast it so that parents can listen in. Maybe you would like to do a live broadcast of a school concert, a community meeting or a conference session you’re attending. As long as you have the permission of other participants, the radio stream is yours.

Or maybe you’ve secretly (or not-so-secretly) been dreaming of having your own radio show. This is the place to make that happen!

It could be that you would like to invite others from across the country (or around the world) to join in a live conversation about a topic or issue that intrigues you. Rest assured that, if its interesting to you, its going to be interesting to someone else.

You may just want to go live to broadcast some music that you love. We’re licensed with both SOCAN and RESOUND so we’ve got you covered as long as your program originates in Canada.

voicEd Radio is also open to individuals, organizations and projects that may be operating beyond the boundaries of traditional schools. If you have something that could fit into our vision for this space, then your voice is right here!


Our mission is to change the way you talk about education—in Canada and around the world—by opening up a multi-media space for vibrant, provocative conversation about the issues, challenges and opportunities that are coming to define us in the 21st century.


Stephen Hurley,
Founder and Chief Catalyst
Sarah Lalonde,
Community Manager





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