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Here’s an idea that, in the words of my voicEd Radio colleague Chris Cluff, I would like to throw down!

voicEd Radio needs some new Radio Bumpers. These are little sound bytes (music/mix) that can be placed in between songs, shows or sections of our radio day. They are transition pieces that remind people that where they are and what they are listening to.

I would like to challenge educators,¬†students (individuals or groups) and community members to create some of these clips for us. Ideally, they will be between 3 and 15 seconds, identify the station name and one of the two tag lines that we’re currently using.

So, an example of a voicEd Radio bumper could be:

“You’re listening to voicEd Radio: Your Voice is RIght Here” or “Changing the way you talk about education in Canada, this is voicEd Radio”

You can add music if you’d like, but that’s not required.

In the SoundCloud stream below, you’ll find a selection of the Radio Bumpers that we are currently using. The varying lengths make it easy to find something for even the shortest transitions. Some are in French, some are in English. You may want to try a different language that is more representative of your community.

Record your bumper, save it as an .mp3 file and upload it here! 

Questions? Email me directly or leave a comment here.

Looking forward to hearing your work, including it on voicEd Radio and including it in our stream of Radio Bumpers! And stay tuned for your opportunity to create some musical pieces as well!