As another school year comes to an end across North America, many school gyms, auditoriums and theatres will be ringing with the sights and sounds of graduation ceremonies. It’s a time of transition for many of our students as they move from elementary schools, high schools and post-secondary institutions. One of the most inspirational parts of these moments of transition is the valedictorian address—those memorable speeches where selected graduates take the stage to officially say goodbye to their classmates, offering them words of wisdom for the next leg of the journey that lies ahead.

voicEd Radio would love to add your Valedictorian Speech to our radio stream over the summer months. Whether it’s recorded live at your ceremony or produced after the fact, simply save it as an .mp3 file and upload it here. Be sure to include the name of the valedictorian, the grade and the school in the title so that we can give the proper credit. If you wish to include music with your selection, that’s fine too!

And if you found it difficult to select a valedictorian this year, and find yourself with several quality speeches, feel free to share those as well!


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We’ll be in touch with you either way, answer any questions you may have and let you know when we will be playing your speech.


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