The Game of School: Wanna Play?

The Game of School: Wanna Play?

Ok, so you probably thought that this was going to be a post about how students learn to play the game of school. Right?

Nope, something completely different.

Ontario educator Rodd Lucier has this wonderfully compelling idea to, somehow, gamify the conversations we have about school, education, teaching and learning. He’s not really sure at this point what it might look like but he’s confident (and I share his sense of confidence) that placing our professional learning, dialogue and debate about what matters to us in the context of a game could bring some life and lustre to the education rhetoric that, quite frankly, can sometimes seem a little academic, if not pedantic.

That’s all we have for you right now, but Rodd and I are going to jump on voicEd Radio on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST to work things out in real time. Listen in to hear how things might unfold or, better still, join us in the conversation.

This is out loud thinking for sure. Join Rodd and me as we begin to imagine the possibilities—Thursday March 2 at 10 PM EST on voicEd Radio!