81 Days of voicEd Radio: OnEdMentors

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If you haven’t been to our voicEd Radio Podcast Directory page in a while, you may be surprised to note that we are pretty close to reaching the “70” mark in terms of podcasts and special broadcast series that make up our growing content library. An amazing rate of growth considering that we began this voicEd Radio adventure 19 months ago with two or three podcasts and a couple of regular live broadcasts. So, with just 81 days left before our special anniversary Radio Marathon on February 2, 2019, I thought that I would take time to commit to drawing attention to each one of the members of this wonderful community. Consider it a prolonged birthday card, dedicated to the folks who have graced us with their insight, dedication and vision. Today, I begin with two of our newest voicEd Radio Podcasters, Jamie and Carol Bricker, hosts of Bricker by Bricker heard every Monday evening at 9 PM EST.


I tell the story that we began the voicEd Radio project in early February 2017 with a couple of podcasts and one or two live broadcasts. In today’s edition of 81 Days of voicEd Radio, I wanted to pay tribute to our longest-running regular live broadcast. OnEdMentors has run consistently, (with a few summer breaks) every Thursday evening since the end of January 2017. Developing from a Twitter chat involving Peter Cameron, Chris Cluff, Derek Rhodenizer and Noa Daniel, the OnEdMentors show seeks to create a natural bridge between teachers at faculties of education and their soon-to-be colleagues in the field. Over the history of the show, the OnEdMentors have tackled issues and topics that are commonly talked about in the profession with an eye to how new teachers might be encountering those conversations in the faculty programs and their practicum placements. A rotating panel of participants has made the show a fresh and lively approach to conversation, as well as introduction of many new voicEd Radio personalities to the community.

Recently, the OnEdMentors team has deepened its resolve to make a difference by working with Leigh Cassell of Digital Human Library to inquire into how deeper mentoring relationships might be developed outside the parameters the traditional channels offered by school districts. OnEdMentors Connect is a beautiful example of how technology can help us break new ground, create new partnerships and deepen our learning lives as educators.

The first pilot phase of the OnEdMentors Connect came to an end recently and on the most recent Thursday night broadcast, mentors and mentees gathered to share their thoughts and perspectives on the process.

The weekly OnEdMentors broadcast allows us to put a mirror up to our professional selves, walk beside our colleagues and explore new forms of collegiality, collective efficacy and professional inquiry. It’s one of the highlights of my week, something my own family has inscribed in our schedule and a great way for me to keep in touch with what is current in our professional conversations. If you haven’t already tuned in to the show, take a listen to some of the past episodes. If you’re a regular listener, why not reach out and become part of our vibrant team of participants.

The OnEdMentors show is a rich example of why, at voicEd Radio, we like to say, “Your Voice is RIGHT here”. It is and we’re a better place as a result.

Thank you to Noa Daniel, Derek Rhodenizer for your leadership in this very vital part of our voicEd Radio community.




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