81 Days of voicEd Radio: Bricker by Bricker

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If you haven’t been to our voicEd Radio Podcast Directory page in a while, you may be surprised to note that we are pretty close to reaching the “70” mark in terms of podcasts and special broadcast series that make up our growing content library. An amazing rate of growth considering that we began this voicEd Radio adventure 19 months ago with two or three podcasts and a couple of regular live broadcasts. So, with just 81 days left before our special anniversary Radio Marathon on February 2, 2019, I thought that I would take time to commit to drawing attention to each one of the members of this wonderful community. Consider it a prolonged birthday card, dedicated to the folks who have graced us with their insight, dedication and vision. Today, I begin with two of our newest voicEd Radio Podcasters, Jamie and Carol Bricker, hosts of Bricker by Bricker heard every Monday evening at 9 PM EST.


I meet up every month at a local breakfast spot with 5 or 6 educators who, despite being fully retired, still identify very strongly with their work decades of work in the profession. We don’t talk about our vacations, our kids and grandkids or our golf scores. We immediately launch into conversations about education and the thinking and work that we are still doing in the space. The best explanation I have is that education, schools and the conversations that connect them, have become part of our DNA and very much a part of our identity.

I suspect that this is the case with Jamie and Carol Bricker, both retired educators who, after a combined half century of work in Ontario schools, refuse to stop talking about what they’ve learned over the years. And they’re not just talking to themselves;  they have been very willing to share their insights, experience and ideas with the world.

I first met Jamie last year when he sent along a copy of his book, The New 3 Rs: Richness, Relevance, and Return On InvestmentMy imagination was immediately captured by the new set of metaphors that Jamie presented and his ability to ground those images in the reality of today’s classroom.

During the voicEd Radio conversation that we had about the book, I sensed that there was someone else actively participating in the background. As our initial interview came to a close, I extended an invitation to Jamie to consider developing a podcast for voicEd Radio. He was interested and, it was during our second conversation that I met Carol, that behind-the-scenes presence that I had initially sensed.

Carol a longtime educator, with valuable experience in the area of special education, soon became part of our conversation and, as it turns out, the technical mastermind behind their new podcast, Bricker by Bricker.

Every two weeks, Jamie and Carol (or Carol and Jamie!) release a new episode of their show, offering insights to parents with school-aged children about what to expect as the school year progresses and how this knowledge can contribute to building rich and productive partnerships between home and school.

You know, this is an area that I have just taken for granted. My own kids are being raised by two teachers and, as such, its easy to assume that everyone has the knowledge of the system that we do. Jamie and Carol Bricker step out of their own deep knowledge of schools and step into the shoes of those who may be totally new to all of this.

One thing that you’ll notice about Bricker by Bricker is how much it resonates with the rhythm of the school year. Jamie and Carol anticipate the questions, the concerns and the opportunities that are embedded in that rhythm— the start of a new year, report card season, the first meeting with your child’s teacher. It’s like they know what parents are thinking about as they watch their children go off to school each day.

But to say that Bricker by Bricker is only for parents would be to miss a powerful opportunity. Educators listening to the show will automatically be invited to consider the perspective of their parents and imagine what they might be experiencing along the way.

And for school leaders, Bricker by Bricker offers a call to action to take a closer look at the strength of the home-school relationships that they are nurturing.

It’s a lively half hour of radio that anyone connected with schools will appreciate and come to anticipate. We’re so grateful that Jamie and Carol consider voicEd Radio a home for their insights, their vision and their years of experience.

Have a listen to Bricker by Bricker and let Jamie and Carol know what you think! Listen live at 9 PM EST, Monday evenings or anytime in our voicEd Radio On Demand



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