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Stephen Hurley's Writing

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Watching Our Language

I can't remember when it was that I fell in love with words but I knew I was pretty young. It was a passion that was noticed by a few of my teachers but, for the most part, kept to myself. The four years of Latin that I took in high school allowed me to realize that...

Out of My Mind—and Into Theirs!

I've always been a sucker for a good metaphor. A well-used, provocative metaphor can go a long way to helping to both deepen and broaden our understanding of the world in which we live. So to say that Cathy Fosnot had me at landscapes of learning would be a bit of an...

Shifting Schools: From a Performance Space to a Learning Space

Eduardo Briceño argues that we can use two frames or zones to look at the lives we lead and the work that we do: a learning zone and a performance zone. The learning zone is where we aim to improve a skill, a practice or a competency. This is the place of trial and error, the place of risk-taking and the place where a growth mindset can propel us forward. The learning zone is the place for real…well…learning! But are our schools really zones of learning or…

Energizing the voicEd Space

The past few weeks have been quite an amazing journey—to say the very least! In a spirit of “just-jump-in-and-do-this”, has been relaunched and voicEd Radio has been born. Here are some of the touch points in the energy field that is starting to form around