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Sarah Lalonde

Sarah Lalonde

voicEd Blogger, voicEd Broadcaster

Que Sera Sarah? with Sarah Lalonde

Ottawa U Education student Sarah Lalonde actively shares her journey into the profession

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My heart is so full; my experience as an EA

Today, my heart is so full. I knew this day had to come, it is so bittersweet. For some, it is a regular Wednesday in June, but for me, it was my last day working as an Educational Assistant at St-Anne Catholic School in Cornwall, ON. In late April, the opportunity to...

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Les aventures en Sketchnote d’une future enseignante

À la suite d’un atelier avec Marie-Andrée Ouimet au Sommet EdTechTeam à Lachine, QC en mai 2016, j’ai rapidement pris intérêt au sketchnote dans le monde de l’éducation. Immédiatement, j’ai vu la valeur et la richesse de cette stratégie pédagogique et j’avais hâte de...

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Teaching is HARD

It has taken me a couple weeks to let my 7 week practicum in a Grade 5 class settle and sink in. That being said, this reflection (one of many) is focused on the profession of teaching and I will honestly admit: TEACHING IS HARD! It is emotionally, mentally and...

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Blue Sky School

Being the keen prospective teacher I am, last night, my teacher-candidate friend Jessica Gladu (@MsGladu) and I participated in an Action Team meeting at Barley Mow for Blue Sky School. The meeting, being held in the basement of the restaurant, was filled with...

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