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Beyond the staff Room – a rebrand (let’s keep talking)

I have rebranded. If you have been listening to my podcast over the last year, you have known it as "Eduthoughts."  this is a word I made up, and it was ok, but i was never in love with it.  i simply didn't have an idea i thought I could replace it with.   over some time and consultation with many...
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A Seat at the Table

How many schools have created opportunities for parents and guardians to learn about an issue and “engage meaningfully and concretely in dialogue…?” How many have viewed parents as partners in the education of their students?

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Edyoga – stretched

Sigh. I pursue my next pedagogical iteration with gusto, every day. Modern Learning? I'm in! Connected with a Twitter PLN? Fershur. Teacher Blog? TEDEd...bring it on! EdTech presentation? Build a digital PLN? Here you go! U betcha! There is something thrilling in seeking out new edtech convos,...
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Living on The Edge in Palo Alto

I believe that we’ll always find evidence of the changes we want to see by moving to the edge. Palo Alto is certainly not the wild west, but there is definitely an edginess here that is worth looking at!

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As teachers we have these little thoughts all the time. We reflect on the day, a technique, a concept, maybe a paradigm. voicEd Radio is all about hearing your voice, and this is how our new show is going to help. EduRants, are just that, a quick rant about education, from educators. This is your time to reflect, what have you been thinking about lately in class, what epiphany has recently happened, what is important to you?

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

I first encountered Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits series when I was in elementary school. I was part of a group of students who took part in a program called kids.now and one of the books we read together was Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The book has made reappearances in my life on numerous occasions since, and the idea of “effective people” is something that I’ve continued to ponder.

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Reflecting on this Radio Channel

This radio channel is pretty special. I can’t believe that over the winter holiday I bumped into Stephen Hurley online and he let me in on this very exciting project. How we educate, and how we learn is so much about stories and collaboration and that is what the radio station is all about. You can tune in a hear a wide variety of programming from educators, student teachers, students and more.

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PA Day Fun Times

Today was a PA day.

Growing up, I quite enjoyed PA days. Some days, I got to go with my mom to her school and read books in the library while she was doing PD. Other days, I went with my dad to the office and played Minesweeper or Kid Pix on his computer. I’m happy to say that these days, I still quite enjoy PA days, because they give me a chance to catch my breath and reflect more deeply on my practice.

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Dreaming Big

Participating in tonight's #ONedmentors chat was an amazing reminder of the power of catalysts and what bringing people together can do. Once again, I was inspired by my fellow educators, and it got me thinking about the dreams I have for my class for the rest of the year. My ultimate dream is to...
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The Game of School: Wanna Play?

What might it look like if we brought our thinking about “gamification” to bear on our conversations in education? Join Rodd Lucier and Stephen Hurley for an on-air discussion about what that could look like!

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