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Imagine If

Imagine If: Parents as partners wasn’t thinking outside the box; it was just making the box bigger Parents were not perceived as hovering helicopters When principals heard “engagement” they thought “welcome in” and not “run for the hills” Parent engagement meant more than council meetings, going...
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Edyoga – being iterate

I have watched my kids' immersion in creation and design for some time now. Maddie 8 and Jake 6 exist in a state of creative evolution that is breathtaking. When I am caught in their 'Flow,' I get lost.The most striking thing about their process is the effortlessness of it. In it, I see the seeds...
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All Work and No Play

If you let it, teaching-related thoughts and activities can take up every minute of every day. Having just come through our reporting season, the honest truth is that work has consumed much more of my time over the last few weeks than I've wanted it to. But as I've learned, "All work and no play...
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Energizing the voicEd Space

The past few weeks have been quite an amazing journey—to say the very least! In a spirit of “just-jump-in-and-do-this”, voicEd.ca has been relaunched and voicEd Radio has been born. Here are some of the touch points in the energy field that is starting to form around voicEd.ca

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Three Hidden Ways Education Contributes to Discrimination

Ontario’s education system is a world-class education system. Canadian students perform well on PISA – the Program for International Student Assessment – and there have been positive results over the past fifteen years in increasing elementary literacy and numeracy, improving graduation rates, and reducing the number of low-performing schools. But there’s a dark side to the system we don’t recognize. Ontario’s education system also unwittingly contributes to gender and race discrimination.

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Edyoga – u r wlcm

The language of education is complex. I often forget the constancy of codified, jargonized, technical, and acronym-ical terms we use each day. We deal in it fast and loose. The common tongue can unify in most cases. But what about the moments of dislocation? How do we know that we have dropped the...
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Edyoga – instant applause

So much of what we do blends into the backdrop of our pedagogy. Marking, lesson planning, resource management, meetings, the list goes on and on for the items that rarely see the light of day. Or the desktop of a student. Nonetheless, the essential building blocks of our trade often exist in microscopic spaces.

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Why We Share

This post could be about any number of things. It could be about how excited I am that this site has launched. It could be about how nervous I am at the thought that my reports are due in a week. It could even be about the stack of 8 books that I have sitting on my bedside table, waiting patiently (some more than others) for me to make time for them. But none of those get at the crux of why I’ve signed on to do this.

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Edyoga – the gift of failure

Falling down is a right, picking yourself up is a gift. There is a boatload of reasons why you could stay down when your day delivers a surprise left hook. Students can disrespect you, parents hound you, and lessons beguile you. Why rise? But consider this. Every teacher that seems to have their...
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lurk like link lead

Sometime in September-ish, I heard a podcast by Roland Chidiac, and he was talking with a guy named Stephen Hurley. Stephen spoke of his work in Peel Region, his connections to music, and ended with a mention of the CEA. At that moment, a few little dots connected- me to Rolland in Waterloo region, Rolland to Stephen in Toronto, and back to me in York Region. A strange triangular sensibility bubbled up, and I suddenly and overwhelmingly felt the electricity of my learning network.

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