ThemeMap One: The Next Two Years

So, I’ve been working the past couple of days to bring together some of the ideas that have been presented in our first couple of weeks of collective thinking around what changes might be desirable and do-able in the next two years. A good start to some collaborative thought, I think! I’ve tried my best to encapsulate the thinking of the contributing authors, with the hopes that I have captured things accurately. I’ve also begun to try to find some connective tissue among the posts, with the hopes that authors and readers might help broaden and deepen these connections.

Your comments, observations, additions and corrections are welcome and most appreciated.

A larger version of the mindmap can be viewed by clicking on the image above.


About Stephen Hurley

I've been privileged to spend the last 30 years serving the public education system in Ontario. Through opportunities to work at most levels of the system, I have developed a heart for big picture thinking that is grounded in the reality of today's schools. I'm passionate about my own learning and look forward to nurturing that passion through my presence at

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  1. Gerry Cockburn /

    Hi Steve,

    This is brilliant. How do you envision this connections being made within the wider community? It what ways do you see this group improving learning, teaching and schooling? Are these connections a possible blueprint for educational change? private schools? home school? What role will technology have in enhancing this beyond this forward thinking group? I always have questions, but no answers.


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