Technology is Text

Is Technology, Text?

Through the etymological exploration of text and technology, the words created a vision in my mind. I found the two concepts to be highly related and eventually came to the conclusion that “technology is text”.

Think about the tools we use to communicate.  Each tool requires the use of technology in some manner or another.  Whether we use chisel and stone, reed pen and papyrus, typewriter and paper, or a computer and keyboard, the inventions themselves have enabled us to create, share and save text.

I came upon this video while pondering the thought of “technology is text” and it all came to fruition. As the two people communicate and take pleasure in their day-to-day activities, technology helps them to create messages as well as enjoying and learning from other people’s work of “text”.  Technology brings people closer through text and helps us to learn and grow continually.  Although we may encounter loss in text as technology changes the presentation of it, it is all text just the same.  We gain and we loose, but we continue to evolve and find new ways to communicate.  This I know will be a constant.

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  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing this post, and this video. I’m thinking about what it might sound like if your statement “text is technology” were flipped to read “technology is text”. How does that change what you are saying?

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