RIsky Business: Moving Towards Real Change in Education

Feb 09, 14 RIsky Business: Moving Towards Real Change in Education

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  1. So many teachers, principals and board-level admin want to have their cake and eat it too. They want innovate practices, new ways of teaching, “21st Century Classrooms”. At the same time, they want to make sure those “new” practices result in increased achievement levels on assessments based on the more “traditional” practices. When will someone (with the power to make change) stand up and make a choice, one way or the other. Differentiate, or standardize. Meet the needs of each individual learner, or try to move all learners to a determined level? Of course, most people prefer the system they are familiar with, and most people are familiar with the more “traditional” school system/environment. Why would any politician (minister, director, Superintendent, MP, trustee) advance an idea that is “different”?

    Individual teachers might see the risks involved with the status quo, because our primary responsibility is to the students. But, a system-wide change of the status quo? I don’t see where the pressure is going to come from to get that done. I see 30 more years of half-measures: reports printed on glossy paper, meetings, PowerPoint presentations, motivational guest speakers, conferences, blogs, tweets, and other well-meaning but toothless.

    Over the years, perhaps more and more teachers will come to see the “riskiness” of the present system and make changes in their own practice. As far as they can, in this system. But I see many, many years of this “uneven” system change. Teacher-by-teacher.

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