Reinvigorating the Voice

May 12, 14 Reinvigorating the Voice

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  1. Gerry Cockburn /

    Hi Stephen – about six weeks and I’m back in Toronto – I was just talking to a few staff member about you today and I had would love to start to bring a ‘China’ reflection to the discussion – i have learned this year we have a lot more in common with the children and parents in China than I ever thought – how naive is was – see you in the first week of July – gerry

  2. Hi Gerry,

    This would be great. I know that we have many Canadian educators dedicated to working outside the country, and it would be great to get their insights and expertise here!

    Thanks for making the connection on this. If you had some folks that wanted to become part of this, get them to drop me a line and I will add them to the list!


  3. Paul W. Bennett /

    Welcome back, Stephen. Sounds like you have some creative ideas to revitalize this initiative. I’ve missed the opportunity for interaction across the various divides. And I look forward to being a continuing contributor.

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