Author: Patrick Tucker

Hi! I’m Patrick Tucker. I am married and have 2 boys: a 7 year old and a 3 year old. The younger one has fairly pronounced autism, but is adjusting well and is almost obnoxiously happy. I currently teach with the YRDSB in a gifted grade 7 class. I have taught for ..hmmm…12 years. I am a big believer in critical thinking (and its little brother: sarcasm)–not the newly refurbished definition that is more like criteria based thinking or other analytical styles, but the old style: point out weakness; reductio ad absurdum; create doubt; Occam’s razor; point out assumptions; push to see if it will fall over—the “Black Hat!” Hopefully, I do this sincerely and not in a hyperbolic way but with the good intention of pushing towards deeper understanding. I do it to see if an argument or position can withstand criticism; to see if its sound. It helps to strengthen someone’s position, not to destroy it. Call it devil’s advocacy if you want, but forcing people to push deeper into their understanding is a good thing. I know that’s what got Socrates killed; luckily, I’m not as good at it. Hopefully, people here will push me back…

I can’t wait to see what themes or topics are discussed around here. Left to my own devices, I tent to discuss, digital technology in education, issues in social media, and other eclectic issues in education.

Feel free to engage me on Twitter: @ginrob_pt or visit my blog at (While at my blog, feel free to pick apart an entry or two).


P.S. Oh yeah, if its not apparent by now, I make many typos, and spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry, we all have our weaknesses…


  1. Lol! Well I, for one, can say that I have enjoyed reading your critical thinking on your blog and I look forward to doing so here :)

  2. ptucker /

    Thanks Michelle…fell free, like always, to point out where I am weak or wrong….(also where I might be correct as well…)

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