I’ve Got the Domain. Do You Have An Idea?

May 07, 13 I’ve Got the Domain. Do You Have An Idea?

We interrupt the flow of conversation here to present an idea. Well, it’s not really an idea yet but, more accurately, the encouragement to come up with an idea.

A couple of years ago, I was drawn into a few conversations about how our lust for the newest, the fastest and the cheapest could very well be compromising our values around social justice, equity and, in some cases, peace. At that time, there was a good deal in the news about the mining of Coltan in Africa, the debate around Blood Diamonds—again, in Africa—and the social responsibility we bear as consumers to think critically about where the products we buy come from as well as how the social conditions that may be affected by our desire for certain things.

It was my plan at the time to work with students to create a web space that would act as a clearinghouse for information related to this issue. I registered a domain name that still rings for me: peoplearedyingforthis.org. A double entendre that is still very sobering for me.

My work situation changed and, although I’ve been thinking about the idea a lot, the project was put on a side burner—until two weeks ago.

The recent tragedy in Bangladesh has brought some of these conversations and their related issues back to mind again. And that’s where you might come in.

Just this morning, I re-registered two domain names: peoplearedyingforthis.org and peoplearedyingforthis.ca, but I don’t intend to keep them to myself. In fact, I would love to give them away to an educator(s)  that has an idea that could include working with young people on raising awareness of the choices that we make, and how they affect other people in our global village.

I will cover the costs of maintaining the registry, but I would be happy to transfer the responsibility for these names to you and your imaginations!

If this very brief introduction excites even a little bit of your creative, critical or collaborative juices, then let’s have a conversation. This might be a joint project among a number of classrooms, or a number of schools. It might be started somewhere and continued somewhere else. It might be simple, or it might be complex.


Let’s talk!



About Stephen Hurley

I've been privileged to spend the last 30 years serving the public education system in Ontario. Through opportunities to work at most levels of the system, I have developed a heart for big picture thinking that is grounded in the reality of today's schools. I'm passionate about my own learning and look forward to nurturing that passion through my presence at voicEd.ca

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  1. John Myers /

    Seems this would fall under a few curriculum domains such as social studies and science.
    Perhaps the provincial subject councils should be approached since some of them; e.g., B.C. social studies has a social justice group.

    In addition it might give social studies a bigger role in the total curriculum.

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