Islands Of Excellence

Do you ever feel like you are out there on your own make it up as you go along? Feeling like your support system is a bit rocky? That your aspirations are bigger than your circumstances can handle? That you are out on a limb looking back at the tree trunk, wondering how you got so disconnected?

In the summer over some spirited conversations, Kathryn Meisner and I came to a conclusion. There are so many educators we know doing absolutely amazing things that are not being nearly as supported as they should be. We are on the fringes, we are rough around the edges, we are looking far into the future, we are asking the big questions and we are challenging the status quo. We call these people “Islands Of Excellence”.

Over the last year or so, I have met so many educators who have inspired me to look at the assets of education, of engagement, of development and reform. In a conversation that is loaded with politics, power struggles and skewed perspectives of reality; I find solace in the Islands Of Excellence.

In a dedication to sparking innovation in the education system, Kathryn and I founded an organization this summer called Make Waves. Make Waves is an education innovation catalyst, our goal is to look for, support and promote innovation.

On November 16th and 17th, we are hosting our first Islands Of Excellence conference. Islands of Excellence are people who are out there doing it, making it happen, and are catalysts for change.

What if…Islands of Excellence from different fields and industries were brought together for just one evening and one day?
What if…they were asked to ponder, innovate, and collaborate about how education and learning can benefit from the synergy between these different fields.

We invite you to join us. You are an Island Of Excellence.


About Jennifer Chan

I am the founder of Exhibit Change and Chief Bad Kid of the Bad Kids Collective. I am a student of life and a provocative misfit looking to better communities and systems through design thinking and participatory leadership. This means facilitating user centered conversations, prototyping the impossible and creating space for imagination.

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