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Digital Learning: Why has Dr. Michael Fullan Gone into the Stratosphere?


  1. Damn…now I have to read another book? I’ve been immersed in Egan all summer, and now you want me to move to Fullan?

    Ok…I’ll do it; and I will keep an open mind. Anyone want to join me?

    Thanks for the post, and the review.

    • John Steele /

      I have read the book and really like Paul’s review. His last statement resonates very well with me. You will enjoy the read Stephen as it will likely serve as a launching pad for some of your future blogs!

      John Steele

  2. I learned about George Couros and Don Tapscott on Twitter…so, there you go. I will read the book though. Thanks for the review.

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  4. Just when you think Dr. Michael Fullan is burning out like a booster rocket, he appears with Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda:


    A fascinating case study in re-invention for a new century. Rather sadly, he’s flying solo, having lost his wingman.

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