Jul 02, 14 Collaboration

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  1. Jesse,
    Thank-you for a thoughtful and well written post on the importance of collaboration in schools. This year I was involved in a project at my school where I had the opportunity to collaborate with two other teachers and a team at the University. Hands down, it was the best experience I have ever had in my professional life! In many ways, I think teaching continues to be a very lonely profession. Many educators still walk into their classroom, do their thing and then go home without ever attempting to connect with other teachers outside their school, community or province. Rigid school schedules and timetables play a huge part in preventing effective collaboration from happening. I am interested in how your school deals with this issue. As you have suggested, however, social media sites such as Twitter and technology now makes collaboration and growing a PLN an easy and exciting part of the teaching profession. Because of my wonderful opportunity this past year, I have found renewed passion and vigour. Collaborating with others is the key to better teaching and learning.

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