‘Maker Movement’ Renews Hope for Constructionism!

We can ‘make’ constructionism happen! The upsurge of the ‘maker movement’ and ‘social networking’ brings new hopes for the systemic integration of a constructionist approach into our educational systems. This past year we have seen increased activity in ‘making’, ‘coding’, and the integration of collaborative suites like Google...

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Global Dignity Day 2012 – Get Involved!

Sep 18, 12 Global Dignity Day 2012 – Get Involved!

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Celebrating Global Dignity Day in Canada October 17, 2012 Dear Teacher, School Leader, Youth Worker! This is an awesome opportunity to help you teach your students about human rights and dignity. “The mission of Global Dignity is to implement the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life. We all have the...

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Intentional Serendipity – Unpacked!

PART 1 – Intentional serendipity ≠ engineered serendipity   I am giggling at the interest in the term Intentional Serendipity. I even tried to get it included in my job title – Manager of Intentional Serendipity.  I have used it for several conferences as the tagline on my nametag! That sure started many a conversation....

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