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“Was it Good, Sir?” Thinking Deeply About Teacher Education

I was even more amazed to have been accepted into York’s then-new Concurrent teacher education program than I was to have been admitted to the university at all. I had, after all, dropped out of school at 15 (well, “left” would be more accurate; one could not drop out legally until 16, after all…) to pursue a career in rock and roll.… More

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Teacher Education in Canada: Asking the Right Questions

This week across the country and, indeed, around the world, tens of thousands of students will be streaming into schools of education in order to earn the qualifications that would allow them to secure employment in one of Canada’s public or private schools.… More

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Reflections on Teacher Education

As a relatively recent graduate from what we informally call Teachers’ College (six years ago) and a current graduate student, the notion of initial teacher education and its reform weighs heavily on my mind.… More

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New Topic For Discussion: Teacher Education in Canada

I would like to pose a different type of back to school topic to which some of our voicEd.ca authors and readers might like to turn their attention. This is the time of the year when much of the mainstream media will be ramping up their education-related coverage by tackling some of the familiar “September” songs: back-to-school anxiety, purchasing school supplies, the kindergarten experience, high school transition, back-to-school lunches and the like.… More

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