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Digital Learning: Why has Dr. Michael Fullan Gone into the Stratosphere?

Leading Canadian school change theorist Michael Fullan has, until recently, remained curiously silent on the 21st century digital learning movement.  His 1982 book, The Meaning of Educational Change, put him on the map as an expert on “school change management”, but his strategies tended to be “top-down” and focused inside the system.  … More

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The Rules of Engagement: Taking a Critical Look

Yesterday, educator and voicEd.ca author, Erik Rosenberg posted a video about 21st century learning, student engagement and the future of education. I would encourage all of you to take the time to view it, and then let’s talk about it.… More

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Who’s Accountable?

Have you seen that comic that compares a parent teacher interview in 1960 to one in the year 2010? It’s the one that shows the 1960’s parents screaming at the kid over a failing mark while in recent times, both the parents and the kid are screaming at the teacher.… More

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21st Century Learning: The Access Question

What is 21st Century Learning, besides a not-so-clever marketing slogan?

I pondered this a few months back when I came across a post from Heidi Siwak, and she pretty much asked the ultimate question:

“These students are limited by the structure of school and have to pursue their learning goals outside of classroom hours.More

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New Wine, Old Wineskins and 21st century education

There’s an adage that keeps coming to mind as I dive more deeply into thinking about what it means to be a teacher, a learner—even a parent—in this day and age.… More

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Mobile Devices in School

Today, I had a serious discussion with the principal at my elementary school about allowing personal mobile devices in the classroom.  Currently, if a student is caught with a phone or iPod, it is taken to the office, where it stays for the day.  … More

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