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Who’s Accountable?

Have you seen that comic that compares a parent teacher interview in 1960 to one in the year 2010? It’s the one that shows the 1960’s parents screaming at the kid over a failing mark while in recent times, both the parents and the kid are screaming at the teacher.… More

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ThemeMap One: The Next Two Years

So, I’ve been working the past couple of days to bring together some of the ideas that have been presented in our first couple of weeks of collective thinking around what changes might be desirable and do-able in the next two years.… More

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Inquiry Approach versus Coverage Approach

I think educators around the world would agree that students need to be engaged and motivated to learn. We know from research that children learn best when they are active and have some ownership in their learning.… More

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Le changement réel en éducation d’ici 2 ans? La démystification

My turn to add my two cents…

Sensibiliser, déstabiliser, démystifier. Accompagner, autonomiser, partager, bâtir.

(Inform, derail, demystify. Guide, empower, share, build.)


(Photo personnelle, Côtes d’Armor, France, 2010)

Tel est le continuum que je perçois nécessaire pour une transformation, une vraie, en éducation.… More

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The How of Change in Education

The two year time frame for change is significant to me – after this current school year, I will have two years left of “being a parent” in the system.  My daughters have joked and asked me if my advocacy for changes in education and schools would come after they have graduated. … More

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Early Learning: Changing the Rules of Engagement

 Two years from now, I want to be looking at an education system in Canada that has made a true commitment to the “early” part of the phrase “early learning”. … More

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