Performance Anxiety: A Personal Story

This is a cross-post of a piece that I published on the Canadian Education Association site earlier this week. With all of the important talk about mental health and our young people, should we be looking at ways that schools might be contributing to a feeling of unease among our students?More

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Islands Of Excellence

Do you ever feel like you are out there on your own make it up as you go along? Feeling like your support system is a bit rocky? That your aspirations are bigger than your circumstances can handle?… More

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An Attachment to our Traditions

With advancements in technology, literacy has started to move away from explaining the visual in words toward a stronger connection between the texts and the visual as well as the audio and spatial needs of the reader. … More

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Challenging Smart Students: Do AP and the IB Provide the Right Challenge?

Personalized, student-centred learning is the centerpiece of the B.C. Ministry of Education’s new plan to enrich student learning through “individualization” aimed at providing high quality teaching and learning, more flexibility and choice, and fuller utilization of the power of technology. … More

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A New System, a Textbook and a Sledgehammer to Conformity!

The rise of education in Canada is highly connected with its societal changes, economic needs and political agendas of the time.   In the 17th century, children were educated through apprenticeship training. … More

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The endurance of our school/class model is evidence of it’s strength, not it’s stagnation

Often, in educational circles, I hear the statement/complain that schools and classrooms look the same as they did a 100 years ago with the implication that this is harmful to student learning. … More

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Hypertext and Critical Thinking

In our world today learning is an active process in which students construct their knowledge on experiences both past and present. Knowledge is not obtained from another person but from what we create ourselves.… More

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Teaching 1P ESL Science

Original Post from A Journey: Student to Teacher & What Lies Beneath

This semester I am teaching a Grade 9 Applied Science class that is designated for ESL students. This means that I have students in ESL levels A to E in the class that also have a varying Science level.… More

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