School Leadership, Parent Engagement and Change

As I continue walking along the path of my MEd. journey, I find myself particularly excited to be taking a Leadership in Education course this semester. What’s even more exciting is that I have the opportunity to use a variety of alternatives to a traditional written essay (e.g.… More

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Here We Go! It’s Flip or Flop Time.

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A couple of years ago I started hearing about the concept of a flipped classroom. I wanted to work toward finding ways to make this concept possible in my classroom but knew I had to take steps toward it before throwing myself into it.… More

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Early Years Education: What Stands in the Way of Universal Early Learning?

A recent Ontario study of some 700 children attending the new Full-Day, Two-Year Kindergarten program claimed that the first cohort was better prepared to enter Grade 1, showing  strong language development, improved communications skills, and better social skills.  … More

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SAMR: A day with Dr. Puentedura

The last 2 weeks have been filled with amazing opportunities to spend quality time with passionate Ontario educators:  the WRDSB  CATC by the Water annual summer PD session, the  OSAPAC  summer planning session and a full day event focused on the  SAMR  technology integration model — talk about awesome!… More

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Back to School: With a Purpose? What!

Okay, so you’ve bought your kids the indoor shoes, the outdoor shoes, the new backpack because the old one wasn’t in anymore, the lunchbox, the cool markers, “no-not-those-ones Mom!”, or, if you have a teenager you bought them a new cell phone, upped the service plan to include data (they do that in school now, don’t they?), maybe even an ipad, and everyone has back to school clothes from the mall, and back to school supplies from the big box store, right?… More

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Unions need to take the lead in getting labour education into our schools


Pop quiz: Can you name three workplace benefits won by Canadian unions in the past century? What are some of the biggest labour organizations in Canada? What is the Rand formula?… More

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Author Introduction: Ben Sichel

Ben Sichel teaches Spanish and social studies, including Mi’kmaq Studies 10 and African Canadian Studies 11, at Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has a Master’s degree focusing on anti-racist education, equity and diversity from Mount Saint Vincent University.… More

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Facts in Education: Who Guards the Canadian “Facts” — and for What Purpose?

Bright red pencils and bold X’s used to be the preferred tools of correction in the North American classroom. Those methods came  naturally to educators with a bred-in-the-bone urge to correct others. … More

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