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Teach For Canada can only make things worse

Have you heard of Teach For Canada? It’s a new project spearheaded by Nova Scotian Kyle Hill, a Rhodes scholar and business consultant; and Vancouver-born Adam Goldenberg, former speechwriter for Michael Ignatieff and fellow at Yale law school.… More

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Islands Of Excellence

Do you ever feel like you are out there on your own make it up as you go along? Feeling like your support system is a bit rocky? That your aspirations are bigger than your circumstances can handle?… More

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Who’s Accountable?

Have you seen that comic that compares a parent teacher interview in 1960 to one in the year 2010? It’s the one that shows the 1960’s parents screaming at the kid over a failing mark while in recent times, both the parents and the kid are screaming at the teacher.… More

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Two Years, One change

Question to ponder: Imagine one change in our education system that you feel would be both valuable and “do-able” in the next two years.

This is a great question to contemplate.… More

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