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Unions need to take the lead in getting labour education into our schools


Pop quiz: Can you name three workplace benefits won by Canadian unions in the past century? What are some of the biggest labour organizations in Canada? What is the Rand formula?… More

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An Interview with Aviva Dunsiger

Cross posted from doug — off the record

Aviva Dunsiger is one of the people who I “knew” online for a long time before I actually met her!  Our first physical meeting was at the ECOO Conference last year.  … More

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Having a Voice in Education

One of the nicest young men that I’ve met in a while was on the panel that I queried at the OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Conference.  @Jaxson was the past president of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association and spoke very eloquently about education and specifically about technology in school, technology in his personal life (he had his “baby”, a MacBook with him), and technology in the lives of his friends and fellow students.  … More

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What kinds of changes could we make during the next two years?

 The most important change to make in education, which is completely doable during the next two years, is to connect many more educators and schools to each other. So many of our schools are isolated silos with people working diligently to recreate the wheel (or involved in educational practices which, while well-intentioned, are harmful to children).… More

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