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Next Time My Class Would…

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Here is a much needed update and reflection on semester 1. I honestly felt like I was a second year teacher all over again.… More

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Reflecting on 2 Flipped Classes

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I figured that it was time that I took a few moments to formally reflect on the practices that I am using this semester. As mentioned in my last post I am implementing a “flipped class” model in two of my classes (a hybrid “flipped-mastery” model in one to be more specific).… More

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Here We Go! It’s Flip or Flop Time.

Originally posted at http://teachinginspirations.blogspot.ca/(for some reason I can’t get this to hyperlink…)

A couple of years ago I started hearing about the concept of a flipped classroom. I wanted to work toward finding ways to make this concept possible in my classroom but knew I had to take steps toward it before throwing myself into it.… More

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Monitoring Back in the Classroom

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I think that monitoring has taught me a lot this semester. Scratch that, I know it has. Joining the student success department involved a fairly steep learning curve.… More

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Student Support

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This semester I have been put into a new role – I am on the student support team. I still consider myself a new teacher (been at this less than 5 years…but my how time flies) which comes with learning in itself, but I would have to say that I have learned more in the past two months than in any other two months in my career (such as it is).… More

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BYOD, Equity, and the Shrinking Computer Labs

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I last blogged about the idea of the flipped classroom and what I was already doing to work my way toward the increasingly student-centred classroom that I have envisioned.… More

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