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How Harmonious Are Your Passions?

voicEd.ca has invited Canadian bloggers writing about education to post their “best” entry of 2012. This may a piece of writing  to which they feel particularly attached, something that received some good response, or an entry that got others thinking in a different way.More

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This semester, I’ve continued my practice around student enterprise in a Grade 12 Business classroom. I’ve tried to frame our classroom activity (the enduring understanding) around ‘Creating Value’ and ‘Making Exchange’.… More

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Book Review: A Case For Struggling Students

I just finished reading Paul Tough’s book ‘How Children Succeed. It’s been all over the press; the Labour Day issue of The Globe and Mail, NPRs This American LifeDaniel Pink and other sources of thoughtful media.… More

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The Value of I Don’t Knows

This is cross-posted to Eric’s web site, Life Well Spent.

Last week, I read about an experiment that paired young students with educational robots. The research concluded that these children learned best with robots that made mistakes relative to those robots that gave the right answers.… More

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A Broader Notion of Character

This summer, I’m spending some of my time reviewing the scholarship on Character Education. Much of the research makes clear that developing character in students is more than an exercise in ethics and manners, but includes student capacity for mastering activity, as well as capacity for relating to others.… More

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13 minutes on Student Engagement

Here’s a link to a short film, very professional and intelligent and worth watching, that makes a clear case why the industrial model of schooling cannot prepare students for the 21st century.… More

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