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Algebra is the wrong direction for math instruction

I received an announcement about a board sponsored teacher work shop to increase teacher competency in teaching algebra; it prompted this little rant1.

I suspect the workshop  is part of our system’s reaction to the PISA test scores and its mistreatment for political or economic concerns in the media (or just plan inadequate and incompetent) which has lead us to believe that math scores are falling compared to the rest of the world and that this is a problem. … More

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The endurance of our school/class model is evidence of it’s strength, not it’s stagnation

Often, in educational circles, I hear the statement/complain that schools and classrooms look the same as they did a 100 years ago with the implication that this is harmful to student learning. … More

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21st Century Learning? Get over it! It’s Already 2012!

@Stephen_Hurley proposed that the writers at VoicEd.ca write exploring 21st century learning and its meaning.  Here are some of my initial thoughts.  They’re a bit jumbled.  Feel free to deconstruct or ask for clarification:

I think the idea/term, 21st century learning is a fairly empty catch phrase used to sell a variety of programs or to rally for change in the education system. … More

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2 more years of the same–growth and learning

Sometimes being a radical is merely a function of where you are.  While seemingly conservative, I have, what will likely be perceived, in this context, as a radical idea—don’t change anything! … More

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Author: Patrick Tucker

Hi! I’m Patrick Tucker. I am married and have 2 boys: a 7 year old and a 3 year old. The younger one has fairly pronounced autism, but is adjusting well and is almost obnoxiously happy.… More

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