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An Attachment to our Traditions

With advancements in technology, literacy has started to move away from explaining the visual in words toward a stronger connection between the texts and the visual as well as the audio and spatial needs of the reader. … More

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A New System, a Textbook and a Sledgehammer to Conformity!

The rise of education in Canada is highly connected with its societal changes, economic needs and political agendas of the time.   In the 17th century, children were educated through apprenticeship training. … More

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Hypertext and Critical Thinking

In our world today learning is an active process in which students construct their knowledge on experiences both past and present. Knowledge is not obtained from another person but from what we create ourselves.… More

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The Continuity of Language

Thousands of years ago, humans began shifting their oral culture into written text.  Historians and anthropologists saw the shift as a domestication of society through the transition from an oral culture to a literate one. … More

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Technology is Text

Is Technology, Text?

Through the etymological exploration of text and technology, the words created a vision in my mind. I found the two concepts to be highly related and eventually came to the conclusion that “technology is text”.… More

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The Art of Teaching through Authentic Learning: Virtual Field Trips and Worlds

How often do students get a chance to explore a museum? A science centre? The zoo? Once or twice a year if they’re lucky.  How can we go beyond just showing our students pictures or simple 2 dimensional representations?… More

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