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Catherine Tang's Writing

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I am someone who tends to work at home. I'll bring home the journals, the marking, and the planning that should take me half the amount of time that I end up spending on it. But I'm learning that sometimes, I need to just take a break. Tonight, after putting my...

Working offsite

How often do we bring our students outside of the four walls of the school? What are we missing by keeping so much of our learning in the classroom?

Education around the World

When it comes to education systems, we often compare Canadian and American schools with those in Scandinavia or in Singapore and Asia. What can we learn from what schooling looks like around the world?

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

I first encountered Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits series when I was in elementary school. I was part of a group of students who took part in a program called and one of the books we read together was Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The book has made reappearances in my life on numerous occasions since, and the idea of “effective people” is something that I’ve continued to ponder.

PA Day Fun Times

Today was a PA day.

Growing up, I quite enjoyed PA days. Some days, I got to go with my mom to her school and read books in the library while she was doing PD. Other days, I went with my dad to the office and played Minesweeper or Kid Pix on his computer. I’m happy to say that these days, I still quite enjoy PA days, because they give me a chance to catch my breath and reflect more deeply on my practice.

Dreaming Big

Participating in tonight's #ONedmentors chat was an amazing reminder of the power of catalysts and what bringing people together can do. Once again, I was inspired by my fellow educators, and it got me thinking about the dreams I have for my class for the rest of the...

March Madness

No, this blog post isn't about basketball. Rather, I've decided to challenge myself to reflect and blog every day this month. I've always been someone with a bend towards reflection. However, it was often a bend towards what worked well and how I can do more of it....

All Work and No Play

If you let it, teaching-related thoughts and activities can take up every minute of every day. Having just come through our reporting season, the honest truth is that work has consumed much more of my time over the last few weeks than I've wanted it to. But as I've...