13 minutes on Student Engagement

Here’s a link to a short film, very professional and intelligent and worth watching, that makes a clear case why the industrial model of schooling cannot prepare students for the 21st century.

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  1. Thank you for posting that video, I found it to be very powerful. There were a few things that resonated with me, from Eduvators (love that word!) Sugata Mitra, “The absence of the teacher in the presence of the internet can become a pedagogical tool” and Catherine Lucey on the principles of adult learning, “You should learn something when you have a reason to learn it.” Fabulous. Let’s keep striving for that win…


  1. The Rules of Engagement: Taking a Critical Look | voicEd.ca - [...] educator and voicEd.ca author, Erik Rosenberg posted a video about 21st century learning, technology and the future of education. …

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