RIsky Business: Moving Towards Real Change in Education

This entry was originally written for the WGSI #learning2030 Initiative.

The idea of risk-taking in the world of schooling often conjures up images of innovative, entrepreneurial educators, prodding and poking at the boundaries of their context, looking for new approaches that will bring about the changes they want to see.… More

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Algebra is the wrong direction for math instruction

I received an announcement about a board sponsored teacher work shop to increase teacher competency in teaching algebra; it prompted this little rant1.

I suspect the workshop  is part of our system’s reaction to the PISA test scores and its mistreatment for political or economic concerns in the media (or just plan inadequate and incompetent) which has lead us to believe that math scores are falling compared to the rest of the world and that this is a problem. … More

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Next Time My Class Would…

Original post can be found on my blog.

Here is a much needed update and reflection on semester 1. I honestly felt like I was a second year teacher all over again.… More

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Immigrant Student Success: Why Are Asian Canadian Students Soaring?

Amy Chua, the infamous Asian American “Tiger Mother,” is back with a provocative new book, The Triple Package, that started generating monsoon-high waves even before its publication. Teaming up with her spouse, fellow Yale law professor Jed Rubenfeld, Chua tackles what is considered a taboo subject – why certain “cultural groups” in the United States are “astonishingly successful” and perform particularly well in school.… More

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Teach For Canada can only make things worse

Have you heard of Teach For Canada? It’s a new project spearheaded by Nova Scotian Kyle Hill, a Rhodes scholar and business consultant; and Vancouver-born Adam Goldenberg, former speechwriter for Michael Ignatieff and fellow at Yale law school.… More

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Riding the 2013 Learning Curve: What Stood in the Way of Educational Change?

“What’s Standing in the Way of Educational Change?” is a fundamental question that deserves an answer.  On October 21, 2013, it was also the theme of a Canadian Education Association (CEA) Symposium held in Calgary and attended by some 300 educators, including delegates from seven ministries of education, 12 faculties of education, and chief superintendents from 15 different cities. … More

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Reflecting on 2 Flipped Classes

Originally posted here

I figured that it was time that I took a few moments to formally reflect on the practices that I am using this semester. As mentioned in my last post I am implementing a “flipped class” model in two of my classes (a hybrid “flipped-mastery” model in one to be more specific).… More

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Educating Our Schools: How Miss Jean Brodie might just “lead us out” in our conversations about change

This entry was first posted on the Canadian Education Association website following the organizations most recent conference in Calgary, Alberta. 

JEAN BRODIE: To me, education is a leading out. The word education comes from the root “ex,” meaning “out,”and “duco…”I lead.”
To me, education is simply a…a leading out…of what is already there in the pupil’s soul.


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