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Time For Reflection – What I Learned About Professional Learning This Year

I began this school year with both excitement and trepidation. After much soul searching, I left the classroom and took on the role of Curriculum Consultant without being entirely clear on what a Curriculum Consultant actually does. I was pretty sure that it had something to do with Professional Development though. Over the years...

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Positive Signs of Growth…

Our first 2.0 discussion. It’s an invitation to reflect on a positive sign of growth from this past school year!

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‘Maker Movement’ Renews Hope for Constructionism!

We can ‘make’ constructionism happen! The upsurge of the ‘maker movement’ and ‘social networking’ brings new hopes for the systemic integration of a constructionist approach into our educational systems. This past year we have seen increased activity in ‘making’, ‘coding’, and the integration of collaborative suites like Google...

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Augmenting our reality…

Dreams and aspirations, in their common understanding, demand a change to our current reality that in some way or another does not live up to what we think ought to be.  In the context of education our dreams and aspirations spread out from a common umbrella of belief in the ability of humanity to change in a qualitatively better...

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Teaching Children to Be Risktakers

As I was thinking about this blogpost and the whole issue of developing risk taking behaviour in students, two stories from my classroom this year came to mind. I believe these stories best illustrate strategies that, as educators, we can employ to foster such an important life skill.

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  Well when it comes to positive signs of growth in education, there is no shortage of topics. It is the greatest time to be an educator, to be in our profession at a time when so much is changing and for the better. For me, the topic that came to mind was collaboration. It is a big part of what we do at my school, Greystone...

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This moment of growth is the direct result of a collection of effort from workshops from communications, hands on session in staff meetings to inspirational keynotes sharing the why…most importantly though it is the formation of a tribe with a common passion for changing education.

I think I found my tribe.

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Differentiation Made Easy!

If we assume that one of the most important elements of differentiated instruction is to create activities that are relevant to the students at their current ability level, then who better to assess that level than the kids themselves? This may sound a little far-fetched, but let me explain with an example from my classroom.

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A Year of Positive Growth: We Can Help Kids Make Friends

A couple of quick questions: Other than physical injury, what’s the worst possible thing that can happen to you at school? If you’re a parent, what is/was the one thing, above all else, you hope/d would not happen to your child? If you’re like myself and a lot of other people, you will have answered: To not have...

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Riding the 2013 Learning Curve: What Stood in the Way of Educational Change?

“What’s Standing in the Way of Educational Change?” is a fundamental question that deserves an answer.  On October 21, 2013, it was also the theme of a Canadian Education Association (CEA) Symposium held in Calgary and attended by some 300 educators, including delegates from seven ministries of education, 12 faculties of education,...

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School Leadership, Parent Engagement and Change

As I continue walking along the path of my MEd. journey, I find myself particularly excited to be taking a Leadership in Education course this semester. What’s even more exciting is that I have the opportunity to use a variety of alternatives to a traditional written essay (e.g. photographs, metaphors, models, blog, poetry, musical...

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Welcome to 2.0

Jun 24, 14 Welcome to 2.0

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Well, it has taken a couple of weeks longer than expected, but I’m thrilled to be able to welcome you to a newly designed interface for the initiative! At this stage, it’s like inviting you to move into a new house, with the understanding that there are still some finishing touches that need to be added. Also,...

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Continuity, Change and the Value of Both

With so much talk of change in education, what about thinking about what is worth keeping?

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RIsky Business: Moving Towards Real Change in Education

Feb 09, 14 RIsky Business: Moving Towards Real Change in Education

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Ironcially, the true risk-takers in today’s world of education are those that, in fact, are going out of their way to be as unrisky as possible. Failing to sense the real urgency in the calls for substantial change in our systems, they are happy to tinker and toy, but aren’t willing to do much to alter the status quo.

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Algebra is the wrong direction for math instruction

…we are focusing our resources in the wrong stand of math; we are focusing on a strand that will have little impact on our student’s lives and we are neglecting a strand that teachers, as a group, need to build competency in.

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Next Time My Class Would…

Feb 05, 14 Next Time My Class Would…

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is a much needed update and reflection on semester 1. I honestly felt like I was a second year teacher all over again. Granted I did have a new prep (and this semester I have 2 new preps), but it was definitely more to do with the new methodology than it was anything else.

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